Climate Change Denier: Nice summer we’ve been having…

Me: …except if you’re concerned about Arctic Sea Ice. Its been significantly below trend for this time of year. One small piece of evidence for the existence of climate change.

N_stddev_timeseries.png 1050ո40 pixels

CCD: Come on old boy! Its not that far off the 1979-2000 average. I don’t think its really worthy of worry! In fact, a lot of sea ice extent is determined by the wind! Its being blown about. Damn unfortunate for those polar bears, but nothing worthy of worry.

Me: I see. Just the wind? A one off? I’m sorry, but could I direct you towards this graph? But, I’m really glad to see you want to engage in good faith.

CCD: [Ponders a discussion in good faith…] Its been faked! They’ve hid the decline! No… they’ve faked the decline! Its the tree rings donchaknow!

repeat ad nauseam

[Hat tip Giles Wilkes for the pointer]