David Blunkett only let in those darkies because he was blind and other idiocies

That’s the Telegraph’s Melanie McDonagh and I don’t think I’ve paraphrased her unfairly. First off we have this:

Mr Brogan was too kind to say, so let me do it, that one reason why much of the influx took place when David Blunkett was home secretary is that he was blind; he couldn’t actually see what was happening.

If you’re feeling stupider already then that’s because you’ve just read something from The Telegraph.

Allow me to set the scene: on walking through Kensington Ms McDonagh passed a theatre and saw a number of “amiable women over 60 with printed skirts” leaving. These are the good guys.

She also passed “women in black burqas and others in coloured scarves, Palestinians or Jordanian teenagers with angry placards, older, bearded men in white robes, any number of Turks bearing the national flag.” These are the bad guys.

By allowing people into the country who dress differently and who protest at murder and war crimes, but who do not go to the theatre, we have destroyed Britain. The two groups passes each other and were not warm enough towards one another for Melanie’s liking. This is quite easily manipulated by Ms McDonagh into illustrating how dreadful immigration has been.

Of course it doesn’t stop merely with wilful ignorance or accusation of bizarre theories that if Blunkett could see he would have been more racist. [1] She also accuses immigrants of hurting the quality of Religious Education in the UK. The Ofted report she mentions doesn’t discuss migration, because it hasn’t had an effect on religious education, but she crowbars it in somehow.

When it comes to education policy she informs us she “met a really nice Pakistani Catholic last week.” She asks us to take a lesson on how to do education from Pakistan. This woman really doesn’t do subtlety (some of my best friends are brown, she informs us) or deep thinking (Pakistan has a religious atmosphere conducive to a free society!). Bilge.

Ahhhhhhh… I hope you all enjoyed that. Cathartic wasn’t it?

[1] I’ll give you a clue if you want to know why more immigrants arrived when Blunkett was in the Home Office. It was because he was in the Home Office in 2004. What else happened in 2004? Nah, it must be because he’s blind.

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  1. How does one even see that someone is Polish anyway?

    And since Polish people tend to be quite Catholic, wouldn’t they if anything improve religious education?

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