Saying goodbye to a voice of reason against illiberal nonsense

Blogs are strange things (and bloggers stranger still) one moment they are ticking along quite happily and the next they are gone.

Giles Wilkes of freethinkingeconomist is the first blogger I’ve been regularly following to have committed autolysis before my very eyes.

Autolysis, and not hari kiri or any other such synonym, because it appears it is his own success which has brought down his blog.

He has been offered a position with the new Government and has accepted.

Sadly this entails the closing down of his blog, although this is much to detriment of my education and the blogosphere at large, I am sure it is much to the improvement of Giles’ life and our new Government and I’m very happy for him.

A voice of reason against illiberal nonsense? Just what I think we’ll need.

3 thoughts on “Saying goodbye to a voice of reason against illiberal nonsense

  1. My girlfriend often asks me what I would do if I ever got famous and what I would do with the blog and the fact that my honesty, over some 5 years, could enable enemies to become equipped with a minefield but I think I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

    1. Well, you can either go with the I’m edgy and dangerous angle, or the pitiful apology/road to Damascus conversion.

      Either way it’ll be all over Heat.

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