Educating you: Tobacco smoke enemas

Yes. Tobacco smoke enemas.

Here is the machine which would give you one and with that I bid you welcome to 18th century medicine.

This was used to revive drowning victims by blowing warm tobacco smoke into their rectums. Of course it didn’t work and the fact the provision of tobacco to the anus was regarded as important as air to the lungs doubtlessly caused some avoidable deaths.

This did not prevent them being strewn along the Thames by enthusiastic members of the Humane Society.

But today we have things which are based on evidence and evidence has given us things like kidney dialysis, chemotherapy, blood transfusions and vaccinations. It is glorious, and phew, no smoke will make its way into your bum ever again (unless there’s proof its necessary).

If in doubt that life is better, check out these videos from Ben Goldacre on the Placebo and the Nocebo effect.

So if things were getting you down remember, the world is a much better place than it has ever been. Chin up guys.

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