Brutish Airways: A good judgement

The injunction which had prevented British Airways members from going on strike has been lifted.

In her judgement Lady Justice Smith said “It was a fair and open ballot and not to uphold the appeal would mean that the rights of workers to withdraw their labour would be undermined.”


When a bar is set for workplace democracy higher than that set for the election to the mother of parliaments then something is amiss. Some fundamental rights, like that to withdraw your labour, are worthy of protection.

There is another interesting take on the situation, from the ever excellent Lord Judge, on the publication of the disputed results. He has ruled that contrary to the original judgement the internet was the best place for the publication of these results. Undermining the main thrust of the first ruling and of course having ramifications for the publication of important information in the future.

But for now, please allow me to wish the best of luck to the Aircrews who are going on strike next week.