Democracy and the BA Strike

British Airways has won a High Court injunction to stop the latest strikes by its cabin staff.

The decision was based on a technicality and whether the Unite union followed rules in contacting its members with strike result details.

The first of four five-day walkouts had been due to begin at midnight, but will not go ahead following Mr Justice McCombe’s decision.

Democracy is very important. So we have to make sure we do it right. The reports were not reported absolutely correctly when Unite announced the result so it is imperative they re-ballot their members.

The Electoral Commission has promised “a thorough investigation” after hundreds of voters were unable to cast their votes in several cities.

The Electoral Commission is to investigate reports of hundreds of voters being turned away from polling stations which were unable to cope with a late surge. Police were called in a number of places as voters complained they were unable to vote in Leeds, Newcastle, Sheffield, Manchester and several parts of London.

I guess we’ll be reholding the election then… there were irregularities.

No? Ah, I suppose the rules on Union Democracy are not about democracy at all are they? Its about one class using the state against another.

Not a perfect comparison I suppose, but it does rather show up the idea that the high court is “just enforcing the law”. It is doing that, but the laws a bitch when the standards set for a union are higher than those for the mother of parliaments.

Anyway, my brief hiatus continues, but you might find me popping up here having a world with our Tim later tonight.