Oh, one last thing…

…should I join the Labour Party?

I’ve been officially none aligned as a blogger because nobody deserved my alignment.

Last month I campaigned for my Local Liberal Democrat David Rendel, and despite the Lib-Con coalition I don’t regret it. He’s a good man and committed to the local area. But, I can of course no longer support the Liberal Democrats.

The next Parliament is going to be tough and that means we need to get organised. I don’t plan on just blogging about how bad things get, I plan on getting organised. I suspect the Labour Party is the best vehicle for that.

One or two caveats here.

  1. There isn’t really much of a local party down my way. I don’t want to join a party for activists and not get active until I move to the big smoke come September.
  2. The national party don’t inspire me too much, and like I said, there’s not much of a local party for me.
  3. Mandleson.
  4. Can I forgive Labour for Iraq? Yarl’s Wood? PFI? FSA? Yielding to the tabloids?

At the moment a huge number of people are joining the Labour Party in anger and with a sense of betrayal.

I’m sick of doing politics against something rather than for something, so I’m not joining until I get my head together. But it seems like the Labour Party might be where I belong, or I might stay my current course and stay out of party politics altogether.

You lot are sympathetic to Labour:  Labour List, Phil, Dave and Paul, Carl, Chris, Paul, Hopi, Tom, Petra Boynton. So bloggers and visitors, what is your advice?