Has Cameron acheived the biggest gain in seats in 80 years?

The short answer is no.

The long answer involves telling people like Alex Massie and Paul Sagar that they are simplifying the situation.

As Richard Blogger comments:

In 80 years, really? Oh so the 147 seats that Blair won (and the 171 that Major lost) did not happen in the last 80 years? And what about the 239 gain that Labour made in 1945 and the 190 that the Tories lost?

This is the typical Hilton meme. He carefully crafts a statement: “At yesterday’s general election the Conservative Party gained more seats than at any in election for the last 80 years.” and then allows reporters and bloggers to misquote it, so that a different “truth” is created.

Please, everyone, start the antidote meme that the largest swing in the last 80 years was 1945 and the second largest was 1997.

Conservatives are really good at getting thrown out, excellent at hanging on, quite good at just squeezing in, but dreadful at inspiring enthusiasm.