What the rags say: The Daily Mail


Vote Brown and Die.




If you’re looking for sensible analysis you’re obviously not a Daily Mail reader but even this takes the biscuit.

Britain was given an election wake-up call yesterday as Greece’s battle with massive debt erupted in blood and anarchy.

Three bank workers died after a mob protesting against spending cuts set their building ablaze.

With UK opinion polls still pointing to a hung Parliament, economists warned that Britain could ill-afford a period of political uncertainty.

Nice country you got around here… Be a shame if something happened to it.” Drawled Mr Dacre. “You know” *spit* “a lot of my friends are worried about your boss. You better ditch him or things are gonna get messy, see.”

When talking about the UK and Greece it is relatively safe to dismiss out of hand any direct comparison.

  • Britain’s debt burden is at something only just over half that Greece faces.
  • We don’t have to refinance a large amount of debt in the next few weeks.
  • The average maturity of our debt is 14 years whereas most of theirs is much shorter.
  • Our manufacturing sector is surging ahead while theirs is stagnating.
  • We have our own currency while Greece is locked into the Euro and is almost hopelessly uncompetitive.
  • A thousand other factors.

Of course on top of this there is the fact that the Mail are attempting to create a causal relationship between hung parliaments and murder.

The need for decisive leadership was underlined by official figures showing the UK’s budget shortfall will be the biggest in the EU this year – even overtaking Greece.

Of course Greece elected a strong Government a few months ago which is now trying to push through the swinging cuts the Mail salivates for.

The Fact that these cuts have ignited violence, not the lack of a parliamentary majority, seems to have passed by the editorial team at The Mail. Wonder Why?


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  1. This is brilliant scaremongering. If only it was Muslims or Pedos rioting in Athens – or better, Paris – then it would be the perfect storm.

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