What the rags say: The Daily Express


Only one thing to compare Dave to, yep, fucking World War Two.

For a paper which often proclaims how important it is to BACK OUR TROOPS or of course that Labour has BETRAYED the memory of those who died to keep this country free I do think it a little despicable to use imagery in this way.

David Cameron is our “only” hope? Hope for what? I can only presume hope from some measure of perspective in this whole sorry situation.

David Cameron has decisively won the case for change. But he needs a clear mandate. So the Daily Express urges readers to vote Conservative tomorrow.

The future of our nation is at stake.

By change the Express obviously mean gerrymandered electoral systems and economic policies rubbished by Nobel Laureates, The Financial Times and The Economist then yes! Forward David Cameron!

Of course otherwise you could vote for some real change.

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