I am nervous. This election is exciting isn’t it?

What the hell is going to happen? Discuss.


6 thoughts on “I am nervous. This election is exciting isn’t it?

  1. I’m scared aahhhhhhh – do you have any drinking games lined up? I recommend this one [http://anthonywindram.wordpress.com/2010/05/06/a-general-election-drinking-game/]

  2. I’ve some relatively smug tories at work. Lovely girls but they’re panicking me!

    I think the poo weather is going to favour the Tories. A lot of people were a bit energised to vote Lib Dem or keen to keep out the Tories, but that sort of thing can be sapped surprisingly easily by bad weather.

    1. Maybe but the UK is a left-leaning country, it’s vote split between the Lib Dems and Labour and I think more people voting will lead to more left-leaning people voting.

      bad maths I know…wishful thinking perhaps.

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