Other things that have happened today

Declining stocks on the New York Stock Exchange out numbered advancers by a ratio of over 32 to 1 on Thursday as major stock indexes plunged as much as 8 percent.

The Dow Jones industrial average .DJI dropped 480.73 points, or 4.42 percent, to 10,387.39.

This is what happens when nobody knows what is going to happen in Greece. Although this graph is one of those naughty ones that doesn’t start at 0 it is still pretty representative of what this uncertainty over Greece can do.

Well there is some certainty – but not the sort you want – the certainty of riots and public unrest and a savage possibly counterproductive fiscal retrenchment involving rising taxes and falling public spending.

Quite the graphic reminder for those involved in today’s election. A great deal is at stake today but we are only a small part of a global and unpredictable system.

May you live in interesting times

Aprocraphral Chinese Proverb

What the rags say: The slightly less awful papers

Here is what the proper papers say on their front pages. They aren’t that funny, outrageous or stupid but I thought I could at least document them.

Most of them are boring, but this one from the Guardian is the most dull, well done.


The independent is dull but at least they’re still going with their slightly confusing, slightly too much going on front page style.


The Telegraph is a bit pretentious. No news there then.


The FT of course leads with news on how terrified the markers are of anything other than a Tory victory, no propaganda here… move along.


What the rags say: The Daily Express


Only one thing to compare Dave to, yep, fucking World War Two.

For a paper which often proclaims how important it is to BACK OUR TROOPS or of course that Labour has BETRAYED the memory of those who died to keep this country free I do think it a little despicable to use imagery in this way.

David Cameron is our “only” hope? Hope for what? I can only presume hope from some measure of perspective in this whole sorry situation.

David Cameron has decisively won the case for change. But he needs a clear mandate. So the Daily Express urges readers to vote Conservative tomorrow.

The future of our nation is at stake.

By change the Express obviously mean gerrymandered electoral systems and economic policies rubbished by Nobel Laureates, The Financial Times and The Economist then yes! Forward David Cameron!

Of course otherwise you could vote for some real change.

What the rags say: The Daily Mail


Vote Brown and Die.




If you’re looking for sensible analysis you’re obviously not a Daily Mail reader but even this takes the biscuit.

Britain was given an election wake-up call yesterday as Greece’s battle with massive debt erupted in blood and anarchy.

Three bank workers died after a mob protesting against spending cuts set their building ablaze.

With UK opinion polls still pointing to a hung Parliament, economists warned that Britain could ill-afford a period of political uncertainty.

Nice country you got around here… Be a shame if something happened to it.” Drawled Mr Dacre. “You know” *spit* “a lot of my friends are worried about your boss. You better ditch him or things are gonna get messy, see.”

When talking about the UK and Greece it is relatively safe to dismiss out of hand any direct comparison.

  • Britain’s debt burden is at something only just over half that Greece faces.
  • We don’t have to refinance a large amount of debt in the next few weeks.
  • The average maturity of our debt is 14 years whereas most of theirs is much shorter.
  • Our manufacturing sector is surging ahead while theirs is stagnating.
  • We have our own currency while Greece is locked into the Euro and is almost hopelessly uncompetitive.
  • A thousand other factors.

Of course on top of this there is the fact that the Mail are attempting to create a causal relationship between hung parliaments and murder.

The need for decisive leadership was underlined by official figures showing the UK’s budget shortfall will be the biggest in the EU this year – even overtaking Greece.

Of course Greece elected a strong Government a few months ago which is now trying to push through the swinging cuts the Mail salivates for.

The Fact that these cuts have ignited violence, not the lack of a parliamentary majority, seems to have passed by the editorial team at The Mail. Wonder Why?

What the rags say: The Sun


Fucking Seriously?

The Sun has given up on news, if it wasn’t so absorbent and strong I’d say it had given up on being a paper as well.

David Cameron, the man who at best 38% of us support, give or take a few old dears who get confused between hum and David Lloyd George is BARACK OBAMA.

BARACK OBAMA he who represents HOPE is equivalent to David Cameron. It is a nice thought of course but lacking in any kind of substance.

When I wrote this at around 11 I couldn’t find the text of the leader online. I predict bullshit and I would like to see someone disagree with me on the strength of the front page above.