2 thoughts on “From a voter to Gordon Brown

  1. are we all ‘bigots’ who have experienced an increase in (a) ASB? and; (b) the refusal/failure of local police to (b2) investigate or (b3) record these type of incidents? and; (c) witnessed a (c2)rise in our areas of people from (c3)Poland, (c4)Hungary, (c5)Portugal ? and; (c6)this has been confirmed via BBC’s Panorama who identified the pressures upon the NHS & Schools in Slough as a result of these influx? and; (d)we read of the deaths of Children like ‘Baby P,’ Kyrah Ishaq, Doncaster etc. and others and yet this Labour government continues to peddle ‘Spin’ that they are ‘protecting children’ and yet the evidence is of persistant and consecutive failures re Child Protection? (e)we know of many people around us who have lost their (e2)jobs and (e3) their homes reposessed and (e4)as a result marriages/families fall apart and; (f)witnessed and seen a rise in overseas Students? and; (f2) know of many who have overstayed? and; (f3)know of police/Home Office not willing to get involved or deport? and; (g)our dustbins not emptied for two weeks and yet; (g2)Council Tax rises? and; (g3)failures of community support by councils? and; (g4)Council Heads being paid more than £100,000 with ‘golden hand shakes’ and; (h) the excess’s in Bankers pay after they had been ‘bailed out’ by the UK public and; (h2) Gordon Brown & Darling refusing to control these banks (even though the UK was the main shareholder) and letting them refuse money/loans to existing business? and thus; (h3) they went under? and;NEED I GO ON?
    If Gordon Brown wants to blame anyone he should blame himself, not Mrs. Gillian Duffy because he (Gordon Brown) appointed these Ministers who have failed him. He should have made them accountable, given them direction but failed to do so!

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