Vile Labour leaflet time: “Do you want convicted murderers, rapists and paedophiles to be given the vote?”

If you thought the Tories were bastards (If?), then wait until you see what Labour are up to in Birmingham Hall Green.

I’ve registered my displeasure with the Tory Party leaflet campaign but Labour’s Roger Godsiff may have just pipped them to the post.

“Do you want convicted murderers, rapists and paedophiles to be given the vote? The Lib Dems do”.

Faced with this, “I agree with Nick” does not seem a likely response from Brown or Cameron.With Vanessa George‘s face plastered across the leaflet it seems clear that this is a leaflet designed to provoke.

Of course it is based on fluff and nonsense. You didn’t see this particular policy in the Lib Dem Manifesto because it’s not there.

What this leaflet refers to, in an oblique, misleading and defamatory fashion is that this natio imposes a blanket ban on prisoner’s voting and this is illegal.

Since 2005 the state and all the major parties have been aware that this is illegal and the Lib Dems have committed themselves to address this. This provides more kudos for their liberal credentials, and Labour’s intransigence further damages theirs.

This legally obligated and  sensible position has now seen the Lib Dems victims of a vile smear connecting them with paedophiles.

While I expect it these days, it still irks me that this Labour leaflet has to appeal to the most base instincts of fear and outrage. It does make me wonder why some have chosen to support them.

Of course this fear would be powerless to influence if it were not coupled with the electorate’s ignorance of exactly why the vote of prisoners matter.