Cameron’s anecdotal black man doesn’t back migrant cap

David Cameron met a black man recently. Much mirth has been caused by his ridiculous statement that his anecdotal black man joined the Army at 10.

Of course he didn’t and according to This is Plymouth the man referred to was Neal Forde, aged 51 who served in the navy for six rather than 30 years.

But embarrassingly for Cameron, it appears that his idea for a cap migrants is not backed up by Mr Forde.

Mr Cameron said Neal Forde said “I’m so ashamed that we’ve had this out-of-control system with people abusing it so badly” and claims that Mr Forde backs his plans for a cap on migraiton.

But This is Plymouth has reported that Mr Forde has very different views to those ascribed to him.

In reality Mr Forde said none of the parties had the right answers on immigration. “Britain needs immigrants. It’s a rich and diverse country with a heritage to be proud of.”

That doesn’t sound an awful lot like what Cameron said.

In the piece in This is Plymouth, Mr Forde expressed concern over migration and crime, but rather than stick to the facts, Cameron has embellished his position and embarrassed himself, again.


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