Hoorah for Bevanite Ellie

I couldn’t really let this one pass. The Daily Mail have run a hatchet job on Bevanite Ellie!

How exciting, you know you’ve made it when the lowest scum in the land take a disliking to you. Must be doing something right.

PS Have you ever noticed that Guido Fawkes‘ site looks a lot like the Daily Mail these days? Guido Fawkes, enforcer of centralism and enemy of dissenting thoughts… Oh no wait, defender of freedom, isn’t it?

PSS Seriously? Larah? Were the sub editors too flecked with spittle and blinded by the up skirt to reread their captions?

PPPS Honestly, look at your keyboard. L and S are miles apart. It took someone trying really hard to fuck this one up.


5 thoughts on “Hoorah for Bevanite Ellie

  1. Having discovered what a vindictive & malicious little harpy she is, I think she’s fair game & deserves what ever is thrown at her.

    1. Welcome to my blog.

      “vindictive & malicious little harpy”

      She’s certainly vituperative at times but I don’t think that makes her a valid target for the Daily Mail. Being in politics I suppose sadly does.

      Her sentiment towards Thatcher, to which I assume you refer, is probably not that uncommon on the right. The disdain and hatred that woman is held in is massive in lots of the country.

      Lets not forget that she wrecked lives on a massive scale, say it was worth it if you like (taming inflation, weakening the unions, rebalancing the uk economy etc), but Thatcher did massive damage to communities and individuals across the country.

      Also, flippant comments on twitter are not really meant to be taken seriously. If Thatcher fell and hurt herself and I was there Ellie and I’s first thought would no doubt be “shit! help her up”. Tweets cannot be regarded as solemn testament.

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