Hoorah for Bevanite Ellie

I couldn’t really let this one pass. The Daily Mail have run a hatchet job on Bevanite Ellie!

How exciting, you know you’ve made it when the lowest scum in the land take a disliking to you. Must be doing something right.

PS Have you ever noticed that Guido Fawkes‘ site looks a lot like the Daily Mail these days? Guido Fawkes, enforcer of centralism and enemy of dissenting thoughts… Oh no wait, defender of freedom, isn’t it?

PSS Seriously? Larah? Were the sub editors too flecked with spittle and blinded by the up skirt to reread their captions?

PPPS Honestly, look at your keyboard. L and S are miles apart. It took someone trying really hard to fuck this one up.


A New Blog that caught my eye

I think one of the UKIP’s main problems – apart from the fact that they look like the village am-dram society having a crack at Wagner’s Ring Cycle – is that they’re not very good with words.  Today Lord Pearson (I’m pretty sure he’s a real lord, but it’s entirely possible they’ve just modelled their hierarchy on the Sith’s Galactic Empire) referred to Brussels as a “corrupt octopus”.  This was presumably intended, as these sorts of phrases generally are, as a colourful and apposite metaphor which we would enjoy and possibly repeat endlessly instead of thinking properly about the subject for ourselves.  In reality, it’s the kind of weird phrase that has you wondering what time the pubs open where he lives.  I look forward to his views on the NHS (“recalcitrant elephant”), the education system (“bewildered termite”) and the UKIP itself (“tremendous bull”).

Rock and A Hard Place 2010 is funny and entertaining throughout. The above excert is from a post mocking UKIP entitled Fish, barrel. Barrel, fish.