Toe-tally unfit to govern

No mean feet: Sarah Brown at the Neasden Hindu TempleGordon Brown‘s wife today revealed the shocking state of the NHS today in shocking fashion.

The public were shocked today to see revelatory new pictures of her toes on in open sandals.

A shocking indictment of the tragically underfunded podiatry departments across the United Kingdom, Sarah’s toes have been revealed to be of a slightly below average appearance for human being.

Toeing the party line, Alan Johnson said he did not stay awake at night worrying about Sarah’s toe. Glorious David Cameron said this was a disgrace and demanded a Sarah’s Law be created  to ensure podiatrists are available to all at all times. This is to be paid for by a new tax on banks.

Sarah has been unavailable to comment but sources close to her say she is kicking herself.

Toeny Blair claims that this may be a blessing in disguise and early polling following the outing show that footgate has not been a feetal error for Gordon or Sarah. Ipsos-Mori are reporting a stampede of support for the beleaguered wife which is kicking the Tories to the kerb.

Formally a shoe-in for election David Cameron is said to be worried by the upsurge in sympathy for Sarah Brown following footgate.

As the totally real and nontrivial battle of the Leaders Wives heats up has Sarah Brown put her foot in it? Can we shoehorn any more foot puns into this article? [1] These are the questions the public are asking.

This little piggy... The Prime Minister's wife exposed a rather unsightly problem with the toes on her left foot when she attended a conference dubbed Celebrating Women: Past, Present and Future

The Quail is dead! Long live the Quail

[1] Yes. Witness the meta-pun, thank you very much.


2 thoughts on “Toe-tally unfit to govern

  1. I think all the wives of all the leading candidates should get their feet out and we should base our votes utterly on the quality of those feet.

    Any other method will not be democracy at its very best.

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