Labour’s cuts? Tory’s lies.

This leaflet (via Twitter) was brought to my attention by Girl with a One Track Mind.

If I were to write for the Daily Mail I’d call it DISGUSTING or DISGRACEFUL or REUGHEEAHGHHH.

As I’m a blogger I’m not going to do that – except by proxy – as I’d much rather point out why it is wrong.

First of all I think its fairly obvious that a picture of a blood stained machete is totally inappropriate and does not reflect well on the candidate.

Secondly comparing public service cuts with a violent and bloody death is at the very least distasteful.

Most importantly, the 44% statistic is complete nonsense.

This statistic comes from a speech given by Chris Grayling in the run up to the election and is wholly misleading.

This has already been covered by Unity here but in light of this poster I think it is worth going over old ground.

The 44% increase refers to the increase in violent crime between 1997 and 2008. Unity discovered that Grayling obtained these figures from the House of Commons Library in this report, published in October 2008.

What is important is not the 44% figure which Grayling cites and which has reached this leaflet. What matters is that in April 1998 the Home Office changed the way the Police recorded and reported crimes.

Putting these new rules in place led to a 118% increase in the amount of violent crime recorded in the official police recorded crime statistics compared to the previous year, a year in which police recorded crime statistics were compiled to standards set out by the previous Tory government.

This means that arguing that “Violent Crime [is] up 44% under Labour” is entirely dishonest.

Worse still for the Tories, is that the Tories already knew this 44% figure was inaccurate because the House of Commons Library published a briefing explaining how to compare crime figures over the period discussed at the request of the Tory party.

Even worse still for the Tories, the British Crime Survey utterly refutes their argument that violent crime has shot up under Labour, as the below graph from The Economist illustrates.

As MTPT points out political parties are exempt from much advertising law. For the people who put together this leaflet its is a good job too, because in one picture and eight words they’ve packed in more misinformation than I’ve ever seen before.


15 thoughts on “Labour’s cuts? Tory’s lies.

    1. I too thought this was totally inappropriate, especially as the last conservative government did nothing constructive to help prevent the Rwandan Genocide.

    1. Hahahahaha,

      Talk about whataboutery!

      So I guess you’re a Tory (sorry if you’re not, in fact, I’m sorry if you are), and you are intent on distracting people from your party’s lying leaflet by mentioning Labour’s disgrace of the day.

      For what its worth, what Labour did was disgraceful. But that isn’t what this post is about, although I do approvingly link to a post discussing that in the conclusion to my post.

      I have nothing to add to the story on Labour’s crass targeting of potential cancer sufferers but I do on this lying, deceitful and distasteful flyer from the Tories – something you obviously don’t want to address.

    2. There’s no evidence those people were targeted, it’s just an unfortunate fact of life that 1 in 3 people are affected by cancer, myself for example.

      1. I am quick to disavow Labour because they’ve done some terrible shit in their time.

        But in this case I think I was a little quick to criticise them. There’s been no firm evidence that people have been targeted.

        Never explain by malice what can be attributed to stupidity.

  1. I came across these images on a forum and I have forwarded the images on this blog to the London Electoral Commission, Channel 4’s Fact Check, The Guardian and the Daily Mirror.

    I was only just forwarded here to the source and thought I would let you know.

  2. So our current representatives in Parliament are a bunch of lying toads …

    So what’s new?

    They’re all pretty much as bad as each other. We need to kick them all out and start again with some fresh blood.

    1. you’ve caught me!

      I faked the whole thing… including sex blogging for 5 years as Girl with a one track mind, setting up a twitter account… then creating this blog setting up my twitter account and following myslef. Then I put together a fake leaflet and twetted a photo of it… then I wrote this post all about it. Gosh! How did you catch me?

      Seriously, do some research before casting aspergions (sp.???) on my character. “how do we know that its a Conservative leaflet?” indeed!

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