Out of touch, in their pockets and eager to please

Cameron said in an interview: “The papers keep writing that [my wife, Samantha] comes from a very blue-blooded background”, but “she is actually very unconventional. She went to a day school.”

1) From Johann Hari.

Since becoming Leader of the Opposition in December 2005, [Cameron] has drawn on the support of 19 wealthy donors who have funded more than 160 helicopter and aircraft journeys, according to his entries in the Register of MPs’ Interests … Those who have funded flights include a steel magnate, a financier, a hedge-fund manager, a philanthropist and a Premier League football director.


To date, he has clocked up about 25,000 miles. The shortest flight was an eight-mile helicopter ride from Bury to Manchester in April 2008, a journey that is ten miles by road.

2) From Sunder as reported on Liberal Conspiracy.

[A Top Tory MP] added: “The marriage tax breaks will be symbolic in many ways in the first term.”

3) On Tory plans to symbolically give (but actually take from you and I) married couples £150 a year. From The Telegraph.

Days schools, symbolic policy and jet powered willy waving. Markets are efficient, and they can see that the Tories are going to take from the poor and give to the rich, and they love it.

This is the stuff that sends gilt markets soaring and makes me weep.