Search of the week

Inspired by Splinty I thought I would peruse the amusing things that bring people to my blog.

Amusing search terms were relatively rare, but there were some disappointed onanists.

  • what do buggers look like
  • wife left outside to fuck

What do buggers look like?


9 thoughts on “Search of the week

  1. Well, this could be a question about the “Formics” – the alien species in Orson Scott Cards’ science fiction novel ENDER’S GAME – who were colloquially referred to as “buggers” – they were giant bugs.

    Like THEM!, I guess –

  2. An early blog of mine was about how Private schools make you do funny things at weekends, and was entitled “why am I brushing the Schnauzer’s eyebrows?” I get a lot on that theme now. Major industry, miniature schnauzer upkeep.

    My favourite, though, was ‘Schnauzer economist’. WTF?

    1. Schnauzer economist?

      If you ever feel like rebranding your blog, I think we’ve got a winning name.

      Those two are nothing. My all time favourite search term was “Why are there retards?” Closely followed by “how long can you go blind from porn?”

      The internet, wrong.

      Back from holiday giles?

  3. Actually, I just had a search for “epic of masturbation”. You get some insight into what the googlers are after…

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