Bronzed Adonis Cameron Blasts Flabby Brown

The man the nation have begun calling HunkCameron has torn Gordon Brown a new arsehole in his last Prime Ministers Question Time this parliamentary session.

Just one day into the ELECTION it is clear who the housewife’s favourite is.

With his snazzy suits and always pristine hair HunkCameron wowed voters by asking question about stuff and that.

He told a ROWDY House of Commons: “As this is the last PMQs this parliament it is the last chance for this Prime Minister to show he is accountable for the decisions he has made – so step outside you Jock.”

We attempted to find an attractive photo of the terrible dour Scot for balance and this was the BEST one we could find.

“He’s a bit of alright” said an old confused woman we confused on the street.

The PINK vote are also overlooking Chris Grayling’s homophobia because Dave is so gorgeous.

Remember the election is IMPORTANT so vote for the candidate we make look more attractive!

The Quail is Dead! Long live the Quail!