Why are the Tory Party not doing better?

Latest poll_0504Why are the Tory Party not doing better?

The Guardian reports on the latest ICM poll and it must be depressing reading for any Conservatives out there.

Illegal Wars, DNA database, ID cards, reneging on an EU referendum, wasteful IT projects, erosion of our civil liberties, a national misunderstanding and displeasure with Labour’s newly found Keynesianism, an unpopular leader (maybe even a bully).

The list of areas where the Tories have a natural advantage are almost endless at the moment. But they seem unable to capitalise on this and I’m not entirely sure why.

They have attempted to ape the populist policies that made New Labour so popular with the public but which exasperated policy wonks.

For example, £200 million on cancer drugs not approved by NICE sounds like a fantastic policy. The public are scared of cancer and dislike it when NICE don’t fund them because they’re not effective.

But even the oncological warriors form The Daily Mail haven’t embraced this.

Likewise, the public can smell hypocrisy and their pledge not to rise National Insurance while harping on about the deficit and the debt rings hollow.

What could really worry the opposition is that Governments typically make up ground as election day closes in. With our wonky first past the post system  Labour only need to make up a little more ground to secure a workable majority.


3 thoughts on “Why are the Tory Party not doing better?

    1. But shit is relative.

      The Labour party are also shit in many ways. Its an old Socialist truism that the worst Labour Government will be better than the best Conservative Government, but few in the general public share that sentiment.

      They need a 6.9% swing (probably less natiponally and more in specific marginals) to win, and they’ve not secured it. Labour supporters don’t really like Labour, leftists don’t, the right obviously do not, yet they’ve not won.

      In my opinion its good news, a hung parliament would see an end to warmongering New Labour and the implosion of the Tory party. I can hardly contain myself.

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