In which this blog is renamed Liberal Democrat Outside

What to do in a Lib Dem/Tory marginal?

From 1993 to 2005 Newbury was represented by Liberal Democrat David Rendell, described to me by Evan Davies MP as “the most left wing Lib Dem to ever sit in Parliament.” [1] On top of this epithet he is also a thoroughly committed local MP who has worked tirelessly for the area.

In 2005 he was beaten by Richard Benyon who has, in all honesty, behaved as a decent local MP for the are although his voting record is patchy at best. [2]

So today I delivered leafleted for the Lid Dems, news which I’m sure will hearten Liberal Democrats like Giles Wilkes.

In 2005, as inevitably indicated on leaflet, Labour polled 6% against the Tory’s 49% and the Lib Dem’s 43%.

Behaving in an anyone but the Tories fashion is something I’ve got used to living round here .

Despite the Lid Dem’s latent antipathy to the Labour movement, I’m still happy that the anyone else is David Rendell.

[1] Although this may be damning with faint praise.

[2] However I have written to him with regard to both the Strangers to Citizens campaign and the coup in Honduras. On these two issues we were in agreement.