Immigration and Culture

Up until 1905 Britain had absolutely no border controls.

In 1905 the Tory party passed the Aliens Act 1905 which placed modest restrictions on the mad, the utterly destitute and the criminal but maintained a right of asylum.

Even after this act up until the Great War it is safe to say that Britain’s orders remained virtually open.

Britain is the only developed nation to have practised what it preached, free movement of good, of people, money and ideas. Although many others have preached the benefits of free trade and open borders only Britain has ever embraced it.

There are not a huge number of things which make me feel patriotic, but I’m proud of this.

In fact, it almost seems to me as though immigration, openness and tolerance are an integral part of Britain’s culture.

This puts in something of a bind those who want to close our borders to protect Britain’s culture and those who rail against multiculturalism.

To those who argue that Britain’s indigenous culture must be protected it appears that it is only by discarding one part of Britain’s culture that another part of it can be protected.

I don’t think this is a good trade but moreover I also see it as deeply craven.

Britain has its problems, but for a woman fleeing rural Nigeria or a Tamil leaving Sri Lanka this country offers a respect for their conscience, their body and their security that they will get in few other places.

Radical Islam is deeply unattractive to almost everyone, that’s why terrorist attacks are relatively speaking rare. Poles aspire to move here because we can offer a chance to earn money in relative freedom.

I think the world I live in, drenched in tolerance, humour and cricket, offers a culture far more attractive prospect than those referred to above where individuals are not respected as free and of equal worth.

I’m not worried for Britain’s culture because I think it will win. But as with the erosion of our civil liberties in the face of a terrorist threat to protect said liberties, the “protection” of Britain’s culture will only damage it.


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  1. I believe the UK did have some immigration control, to try and keep frenchie spies out and those sorts. Temporary laws… not sure what they were called though!

    1. It was entirely possible to expel people but there were no border controls, as it were, at the border.

      During the first world war the controls were tightened considerably, and these controls were made permanent in 1919 and we were left in a situation where we had no statutory obligation to refugees and we were turning back Jews form Nazi Germany. 30 years from open borders to being sealed shut.

  2. things changed massively in 1905, with the passing of the Aliens Act, it was basically aimed at stopping Jews from Eastern Europe coming to the UK and after that, things have gotten much worse with legislation passed in the 1960s onwards targetting specific groups e.g. Commonwealth Act aimed at east african’s etc etc
    immgration controls are rooted in racism!

  3. The attractions that Britain offers to prospective migrants are self-evident, but what about the other side of the coin? What do they bring in return?

    If they were all to be somehow magically translevitated back to their ancestral homelands, what is it that we would miss? I am asking here in an aggregate sense; it’s obvious that an individual might miss a sub-continental who is a member of the same cricket team, and a suburban family might miss the services of their Polish nanny. But all that aside, how would Britain as a whole differ if they weren’t here?

  4. When did the US and France, Germany, spain etc introduce border/immigration controls then?

    1. They all had codified controls by the end of the 19th century.

      One of the arguments offered in favour of controls was that since everyone else didn’t let in the criminal, the mad or the poor we would inevitably receive them.

      I think the history of migration controls on the continent is slightly different as they all bordered one another whereas Britain’s borders were demarcated by the sea.

      The irony is of course that up until the 19th century a huge effort went into attracting migrants. For example Flemish weavers were bribed to come to the UK. Likewise a form of industrial espionage was practised by all developing European states to attract skilled workers from other places.

  5. I agree with Dan Dare. We are constantly told that ‘multiculturalism’ is best for Britain, but no one ever tells us why? What do we gain from having these ‘other cultures’ except a watering down of our own culture?

    I think it boils down to the same thing it has always boiled down to, cheap labour, people that are ignorant of their rights and pliable.

    Also if Britain is merely to be made up of myriad other cultures from around the world, what will make it unique? What will it have to offer the world that isn’t already offered elsewhere, and better?

    @Daniel Hoffman-Gill, labelling someone a racist merely because you cannot think of a logical argument against their viewpoint is puerile.

    1. This is what happens, once one racist starts is attracts more, like flies on shit.

      Does it never occurs to you Charlie (swamped as you are in Union Jacks and belligerent nationalist paraphernalia, like those blokes that have big cars because they are so insecure) that you and Dan Dare are racist? Rather than it being a figment of my fevered imagination?

      Of course not but you are, bask in it, don;t deny it, man up and accept your views are racist rather than wanting your racist cake and eat it.

      1. This is what happens, once one racist starts is attracts more, like flies on shit.

        Drop a pile of bullshit on the internet, or anywhere else, expect flies.

        As for racist, your ignorance is palpable. Precisely at which race was I directing my ‘racism’? I was talking about culture and anyone of any race can have the same culture as anyone else, it depends on where and how they were brought up. The more pertinent hyperbolic adjective would have been xenophobic, but I don’t expect you to understand the difference.

        You are prejudiced and blinkered, judging others with sweeping generalisations that you’ve been taught by others whom you perceive to be more intelligent than yourself. I doubt you even know why you say it, it is just a knee jerk reaction to an argument you do not understand, nor have thought through. Don’t feel bad, it is this kind of indoctrination that allowed the Nazi’s to convince Germans that the Jews were the antithesis of a true German, and you are certainly not alone in your narrow minded thinking that anyone who doesn’t follow your view is wrong, evil or sub-human. It is easy to convince someone that they are morally correct, and you’d be amazed what people will do when they believe that they are ‘right’.

        Does it never occurs to you Charlie that you and Dan Dare are racist?

        Does it ever occur to you that by avoiding even any discussion on race, or culture or immigration, that you are? Does it also occur to you that by bandying around words like ‘racism’ without care or justification you are cheapening it, and weakening its impact? Racism isn’t simply any matter relating to race, it is raising or lowering one race over another. I have seen true racism first hand, in Rwanda and in Apartheid South Africa, it is not some token that you fling at people that disagree with you, and it is not the preserve of one nation, race or people.

        swamped as you are in Union Jacks and belligerent nationalist paraphernalia, like those blokes that have big cars because they are so insecure

        There is nothing belligerent about the flag, it is just a cloth with colours on it, if that is your perception of it, then frankly that is a fault with you, not with me. I am proud to be British and I find it ironic that you label me racist for discussing other cultures and lifestyles, and yet you lecture and look down on me for my own personal beliefs just because you don’t agree with them. I am guessing however, that you do not see the irony.

        Your reference to phallic symbolism is disturbing; pride and insecurity are not the same. A man ‘swamped’ in images of his new born child is not insecure, but proud.

        1. Yes that’s absolutely right.

          Daniel Hoffman-Gill is a hateful Kike who spews his venomous racist bile against anyone who stands up for the right of indigenous Brits to resist the Afro-Asian invasion.

          Come the revolution Daniel Hoffman-Gill and his ilk will be first in line for ‘voluntary repatriation’, otherwise known as Resettlement in the East. It’s a great pity that the job was not finished the first time, it would have saved us all a lot of bother, but never mind, the opportunity will certainly re-present itself again in due course, come the re-awakening. At that time rootless cosmopolitans the likes of Daniel Hoffman-Gill will receive their just desserts, the prospect of which gives them of course the right willies. Their card has has been marked.

          1. I was hoping you’d be happy to keep this. It is rather instructive on Dan Dare’s real views.

            I have verified that the IP address used to make this and the other comments are the same.

          2. Censorship! Fascists! Haha.

            Glad Sunny’s done so at Lib Con. Everyone is welcome in my comments, but not everyone is going to be dignified with a response.

        2. Hi Charlie, looks like you’ve got Dan Dare to spill his anti-Semitic beans all over the place, so his racism is now in full view but yours, still hidden behind silly flags and posturing but it is there.

          You blather on at length, building strawman the size of Texas and inventing things I’ve said, using your take…keep going, you’re talking to yourself here you racist, you’ll build whatever you need to keep justifying your pathology to yourself.

          But when you move past therapy and grow into your own mind, let me know, until then, you are a racist and as worthy of my time as any other ignorant coward.

          1. Daniel,

            but yours, still hidden behind silly flags and posturing but it is there.

            It never ceases to amaze me that those that complain loudest about others being labelled and pigeon-holed, are so quick to do it to those that they disagree with. Hypocrisy doesn’t quite cut it, it is far worse than that. Like with slavery, it isn’t the ordinary folks that gain by taking advantage of an ignorant, mass imported underclass. People who work for pennies, live in appalling conditions and in the vain hope of a better life. People that just don’t understand that the lifestyle they crave is reserved for those that enticed them here, and only those. Serfdom, slavery, indentured labour, work gangs, when one form of exploitation falls, another is just waiting in the wings. You call me racist, yet you support the creation of this underclass because it fits in with your view of one world, one nation. As I said, hypocrisy just doesn’t cut it.

            You object to everything about Dan Dare, but you fail to realise that you are on opposites sides of the same fence, shouting just as loudly and maniacally to passing observers, and wiping a similar amount of spittle from your chin after doing so.

            In your opinion I am racist, but that’s all. You’re hardly an objective observer, so no matter how hard you hammer that point home, casual observers will still make up their own minds. You wouldn’t know a real racist if you tripped over him, and that the problem you, and those like you, are creating. By muddying the waters and labelling everyone that doesn’t suscribe to your world view a racist, you’re making it difficult to tell the real racists from the people you just don’t agree with.

            As for the flag and ‘nationalism’, people like you (yes, I can pigeon-hole you too, although you do it for me) always complain about such empty symbols and meaningless concepts, and yet, oddly, never move anywhere else. I only ever met patriots and nationalists in my time overseas, you people always seem to stay at home, shouting advice from the sidelines. You’d think with such an open world view, you’d want to move around a little, and help others.

          2. What is it with you types and the last word?

            Is that all there is left to fight for?

            Thankfully the BNP do not have much of a foothold in Notts and long may it remain that way.

          3. Daniel,

            You blather on at length

            I’ll concede you that point. But my comments seem to be narrower, and thus appear longer.

            you are a racist and as worthy of my time as any other ignorant coward.

            I’d wager you’ve not ventured far in your life, never met real adversity (and no, I am not talking having to work two part time jobs) nor met those that have really suffered. I am well travelled, and far from ignorant. I have observed other cultures and peoples first hand, not the second or third hand imitations we get in Britain, but the real thing, and if travelling and experiencing other cultures has taught me anything, it is how valuable and important our own culture is, and how easily it can be snuffed out.

            As for coward, that is one label that I do object to, particulary coming from a namby pamby actor. I’ve met, and my family have met, many people like you over the years. The loud, justified, morally right complainers who are always ready to fight in the corner of those that they believe to be disadvantaged, save for when the chips are really down. Then they hide behind words like ‘pacifist’, ‘conscientious objector’ and ‘not my war’, whilst the real men beat a path to the bad man’s door, lining it with their ruined corpses. Those that defeat him and then return home are then told how wrong they were and how the sobbing infantile bed wetters actually had it right and would have done it better and more humanely with just a little more time.

          4. I stopped reading at your opening paragraph, where in order to build your argument, you have to do so by inventing things about me in order to justify your attack.

            Missing the point of course that you do not know me at all, or have no idea about my life in order to pass judgement.

            So the rest is hot air, worthless hot air at that.

            And you stay nicely silent on Dan Dare’s anti-Semitic attacks on me.

            So, you’re a racist then.

          5. Daniel, again the hypocrisy:

            I stopped reading at your opening paragraph, where in order to build your argument, you have to do so by inventing things about me in order to justify your attack.

            But that is precisely what you have done to me and everyone else. You don’t know me, yet that didn’t stop you labelling me and making judgements on me and my lifestyle merely because I have my own flag on my avatar! Yet you refuse to see your own prejudice. Where does it end, on the day someone puts a machete in your hand and tell you that a group of people are racists and must be stopped? Or the day after?

            As for Dan Dare’s attack on you, I honestly didn’t know you were Jewish, why did you go to a Catholic school? Anyway, are you surprised? You tell someone constantly that they are a racist and then seem surprised when they say something racist.

            And this is what I have been trying to tell you since the start of this exchange. It isn’t people like Dan Dare that help spread the BNP manifesto or increase its support, it is people like you. Each time you judge someone, tell them that their views are just wrong, morally, ethnically and that they are just stupid ignorant racists for talking about things that should NEVER be spoken of, you push them further away from your camp, and closer to the other.

            Dan Dare’s comments were rude, and a personal attack, but let’s be honest, no different from the rude and personal attacks you’ve made against people merely for commenting. These days calling someone a racist can be just as damaging and hurtful as calling someone by a racist slur.

            Part of my culture is that I remain respectful, polite and fair minded towards people, especially people that I do not know, at all times and try and listen to both sides of an argument impartially. I try and stick to that. Perhaps you should drape yourself in the British flag and think about what it means to be British once in a while.

  6. Any time a debate descends into this farce and as fast there is always some gormless twat called Hoffmann-Gill behind it with his insults and empty mantras.

    You say that “Dan Dare” posted that comment but provide no proof, and given the patent dishonesty of the left I for one don’t believe and couldn’t give a shit what you think about that.

    1. I don’t know if Dan Dare is happy with me posting his IP address but I can confirm that that is him.

      You might not want to trust me, but, as you indicate, you’re only passing thru so that shan’t bother me too much.

      The views expressed by Dan Dare to Daniel Hoffman-Gill shouldn’t surprise you passing through. Dan Dare supports the BNP and is a racist, I don’t say these things to denigrate him, although of course they do, but they accurately describe him.

  7. I’m quite relaxed about the banning at LibCon, the place is as interesting and relevant as a an early 70s Students Union rally of pimply teenage Trots on their training wheels.

    1. It says “deleted” because I want people to know comments were here and now are not.

      This is my blog and I retain the right to do pretty much what I want with it, its my personal property old chap. There’s a lot here that would be deleted off most other blogs but I’m a liberal chap, its just its all getting a little bit boring now. Oh, and you’re a guest here and you’re being rude.

      [EDIT: Perhaps I’ll make myself clear.

      You can post racist drivel if you like so long as you source it and keep it civil. I trust my readers to make their own mind up even if I choose not to engage with it.

      You can get as abusive as you want as I think its the internet and if you can’t be rude on the internet then where can you, eh?

      At least to begin with I’ll let abuse slide as I am quite rude in comments myself, but when you combine racism and rudeness as Dan Dare has, then I reserve the right to delete things.]

      1. I might put together a comments policy, alternatively I might just delete things at random.

        Call me a fascist and an enemy of free speech, go on!

  8. What racism exactly? Those are the favourite phrases of Hoffmann-Gill, not me. So that charge lies at his door, not mine.

    As for being your “personal property”, how much do you pay for that privilege then? Anything? Or is it gifted to you as a form of public medium?

    What a farce.

    1. Okay, you’re just going to get annoyed is i keep deleting you.

      I don’t think anything you’ve said is racist. (But then I’ve deleted mostof it so I couldn’t check) Dan Dare on the other hand, has said racist things, for example “Kike” and connecting how DHG acts with the fact he has a Jewish heritage. These are racist things to say so I started moderating comments.

      You were just generally abusive and I’d rather not.

      I don’t pay anything for this blog. But I do invest my time in it and I am legally responsible for what is published on it, even by commenters.

      Look up Locke – I mixed my labour with it and left enough and as good internet out there for everyone else. This is my blog.

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