To he that hath shall be given…

…and to he that hath a network for the successful production, import, processing, dissemination and sale of illegal drugs shall be given another previously legal drug to sell with all the violence and danger associated with that.

Like Jamie I am hardly pleased to see another drug made illegal when there are other options available. Such as that suggested by Professor Nutt, the creation of a holding category of Class D drugs where sale is restricted and research can be carried out.

What is the justification for making this drug illegal? It has killed people; although not the 25 “reported” to have died from it.

I know our press (and their lies on drugs) and if 25 people had actually died from taking the drug, there would be no modestly in proclaiming it loud and clear, not saying it has been “implicated.”

On top of the potential (although not proven danger) The Guardian reports on the alleged ignorance of those who take it:

“It is being taken by young people who have never taken drugs before in their lives because they think it is legal and it is safe. It is neither legal nor safe.”

But there is no evidence is provided (such as a survey or case study) that people think like this because none has been done.

Forgive me for asking, but where are these people? I certainly have met few so naive and those who are will not be protected by shifting this drug into the black economy.

There is certainly an a priori case that people do not associate legal drugs with dangers but that cannot be the case with mephedrone now. If anything the hysterics provoked by this drug will make people too scared of this drug.

As said on Blood and Treasure : Alan Johnson, friend of criminals, enemy of science.


3 thoughts on “To he that hath shall be given…

    1. Grr, Heil.

      That whole article is full of nonsense! In my view that isn’t even the most ridiculous statement.

      “The participants will take the drug, which comes as a white powder similar to illegal substances such as cocaine, and will then be asked to describe their mood as the ‘high’ kicks in.”

      Yeah!!! It looks like cocaine! What’s that?? Making a cake, what’s that white powder? “Baking” powder? Yeah I bet you’re pretty baked, that’s cocaine! etc.

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