Krugman: Economics

Despite my funding situation being somewhat dire with regards to my LSE Masters at the moment, [1] I saw this on sale for £25 and thought what the hell. Its an investment.

I’m a quick learner but effectively a beginner and it sounds like this book is perfect for me from what I’ve read.

Anyone read it? Any good?

[1] Apparently LSE are not going to provide any funding so I am going to get into even more debt and probably become an escort  (watch out for!). Dammit, this isn’t as easy as I thought it might be.


14 thoughts on “Krugman: Economics

  1. Nope. But he is one of the great communicators.

    Mankiw is also very good, if you want to neutralise some of your intrinsically leftish views …

    1. Nope not good, or nope not read it? I’ll assume the latter, it appears to have received a fairly good reception.

      Mankiw is someone who is incredibly influential, but not really in my orbit. I would probably do well to pay more attention to him, what I’ve read of his blog has been very interesting.

    1. I will have some savings, but not nearly enough. Course fees alone are going to be £5000, and thats for part time study!

      Debt brings pressure sure, but it also ensures I perform as best I can. I think I do well under pressure.

      Plus I’m young, much better to spend money now, enjoy myself, invest in myself and pay for it when I’m older, like at Giles age ;-)

  2. Not read it. In fact I keep thinking I should sit down and refresh my macro thinking but life moves so fast …. August perhaps, but then its Conference.

    I agree on the lifecycle hypothesis (said the aged one) though I think I scrimped – when I was 23, I was on £10k at an Aylesbury publishing house – and saved £1k in order to ‘fund’ being a temp in London till I found another career. I still can’t work out how, though it involved going to Iceland a lot.

    I read Blanchard’s Macroeconomics for my preparation – but be warned, there is very little Macro in Global History – much more growth history. Institutional theory (North), eurocentricism (Landes), marxism, (Wallerstein and friends) you get the picture. No Keynes! you don’t get insufficient demand for most of history ….

    1. Haha, insufficient demand, I hadn’t looked at it that way before. That’s what I’m looking forward to, seeing the world in new ways.

      Macro will come in handy somewhere I’m sure. It will be good to understand those graphs with the funny intersecting sloping lines on something more than a very basic level anyway.

      North, Landes and Wallerstein I’ve come across tangentially, but I haven’t really studied them too much. The “system theory versus neoclassical versus something sensible in the middle” growth arguments I found quite handily discussed in States versus Markets (of which I have two copies, the 2nd and 3rd editions, so your welcome to have one if you like the look of it).

      Iceland, Lidl, markets and I’ve got this recipe for sake ( which might help me save some money. Times are going to be tough but fun.

    1. Ah good, well they’re very different phenomena. Of course there’s an infinitesimal chance Guido’s right and Krugman and Mankiw will have egg on their face then.

      By the way, I’m not sure your bet with Guido’s going too well with regards to inflation. No offence but I do hope you don’t win.

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