Earth Hour 2010 – I’m literally saving the world. Are You?

Earth Hour this year will be on Saturday 27th March.

At 8.30pm my friends and I as well as various other individuals, businesses and iconic buildings will all switch off their lights for an hour.

Climate Change is still continuing apace and to send a clear message to the world’s governments the World Wildlife Federation has organised this symbolic gesture.

I am not a fan of symbolic gestures. Unless backed by a movement I am unaware of any that has generated any change worth speaking of.

But if you are care then switch your lights off. Make sure you do this with your friends, but don’t ask them to do it “to send a message.”

Earth Hour will only mean something if it turns people on to Environmentalism who were not, or if it galvanises into action those already engaged.

Barack Obama has just passed a monumental if lacking Healthcare Reform in the US and still has a Climate Bill to usher through Congress; likewise a real legislative solution like cap and trade or a carbon tax remain a long way off in the UK.

Earth Hour should be about recruiting people to help get the change we need, not mere gesture politics. Get involved but make sure this is the start not the end of what you do.


For fuck’s sake…

As this lie has just now been featured on Channel 4 News I just thought I’d make it clear.

A Chief Super Intendant no less has opined:

This is a message to everyone who has taken or is thinking of taking Mephedrone; it is not made for human consumption, it is plant fertiliser.

He is a liar or an idiot.

Mephedrone is produced for human consumption as a drug. It is not plant fertiliser and never has been, it is just marketed as that so it can be sold as “not for human consumption.”

Put it on your begonias and it will do nothing.

If you want actual facts, try this.