Thursday’s hypocritical attack on the BBC from The Daily Mail

The Daily Mail has long led a campaign against the BBC.

Quite often its urge to badger the BBC has resulted in massive hypocrisy with contradictory articles appears mere days apart.

Today The Daily Mail publish the below story:

Bob Geldof accuses BBC of ‘total collapse of standards’ following Live Aid weapons claim

Bob Geldof has called for heads to roll at the BBC

Bob Geldof branded the BBC World Service a ‘rotten old cherry’ yesterday for claiming that millions of pounds raised by Band Aid and Live Aid were spent on weapons.

In a vitriolic attack, the singer accused the radio station of a ‘total collapse of standards’.

Millions donated by British public to help Ethiopian famine victims ‘was used by warlords to buy weapons’

No one would accuse The Daily Mail of a ‘total collapse of standard’, it has always been this way.