Best news I’ve had in months

10 March 2010

Dear [snip],

I am pleased to make you this unconditional offer of admission to the MSc in Global History for the 2010/11 session as a part-time student….

Hello LSE, I’m on my way!

Giles, any course notes or advice you have will be welcome.


9 thoughts on “Best news I’ve had in months

  1. Painfully typing o n mobile:

    first, many congrats. They have done well getting you

    you don’t want my notes but let’s meet and I’ve got a bunch of books you might like

    1. That sounds like a fantastic idea! Bloggers of the world unite and all that.

      I’m in London roughly monthly to see friends and go out so we could meet up then. I shall definitely be in around the 17th/18th April, if not in late March too.

      We can go for a pint/latte and discuss global history and I can get even more excited than I already am.

    1. Thanks, History can teach you a lot I agree and its what I studied at undergrad, but what attracts me to LSE is the breadth of information on offer, it seems so much more that just History.

      Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it.

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