Racist Violence

Anton’s latest post has reminded me of an anecdote related to me by one of my university lecturers Tony Kushner.

Anton’s had to deal with one of your common-and-garden racist commenters and something this moron said sparked my memory.

My lecturer is well known in the field of migration and refugee history and he was a “go to” guy for the press, at least until he stopped playing ball anyway.

One day someone from The Sun rang him after a particularly nasty attack against some migrants. So nasty even they couldn’t ignore it.

For some 20 minutes this conversation went on, when typically a 30 second sound bite will be edited to a few words this was unusual.

My lecturer is not a stupid man and having studied migration and refugee he knew exactly what the reporter wanted.

But he gave in and said “Of course, white people also suffer racist attacks too. But the vast majority of violence and hate crime is perpetrated against immigrants and ethnic minorities.” Triple click to see what they missed out too.

Ladies and Gentlemen: Our gloriously shit free press.

We’ve got to help BNP supporters, but we’ve got to fight the lies that feed them too.


6 thoughts on “Racist Violence

    1. Not sure its a judicial matter. Tony did say what they said he said… He just said more.

      Apologies as prominent as the original story, that’s what I want. You lie across half of page one you apologise across that much space too.

      We need to make lying less profitable. See my last post too.

  1. Well libel is a judicial matter, but this is libel with a twist. Being misrepresented is in the interest of the courts, but a mechanism should be in place to help those who might not be able to afford it secure their name (your guy was part of an institution, and are thus not as vulnerable as say a student blogger).

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