Darn in, from 73 to 81.

No matter, I’m still inexplicably top 100 and inexplicably remain above Giles Wilkes, who is destined for medium things.

February was quieter that January hit wise but still averaged around 200 a day.

Thanks to all my readers, linkers and commenters. I’ll keep writing if you keep reading, linking and commenting.


4 thoughts on “Slipped!

    1. I care more than I should, but still fairly little.

      Wikio’s an interesting distraction and I try to do a stat round up every month and this was the only thing of note this month.

  1. Many thanks for alerting me to this. I don’t really get how to do better at it: I was getting 350 per day in Feb, and had a 1000 day when Richard Murphy decided to really hate me for a while.

    I should be linking more…. sorry

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