Utter Bilge

The Devil’s Kitchen is entertaining, but repeatedly talks utter shit. The latest example of this is his post titled Michael Foot: bollocks (from LibCon).

This is all about how wonderful it is that an old man has died.

Look, one doesn’t want to come over as too curmudgeonly, but why this sudden outpouring of gushing tributes now the silly sod’s dead? Here’s Iain Dale, for instance…

Michael Foot has died at the ripe old age of 96. Whatever one’s politics, he was a true political great.

What. The. Fuck?

The post even begins badly. Because he clearly does want to come over as curmudgeonly. Maybe a little controversial and with a sense of “look mummy, look! Look how risque I’m being!”

Even the swearing is somewhat superfluous, even for DK. “Top politics blogger blogs on dead politician?” What. The. Fuck. Indeed.

Now I could use some weasel words like “he’s entitled to his view” but I don’t think liberals or leftists should stay silent. DK is an idiot and he must be reminded of this regularly.

I know what our thinking. After this dreadful introduction can the post get any worse?

Joseph Stalin has died at the ripe old age of 75. Whatever one’s politics, he was a true political great.

Yes. But at least he didn’t…

Adolph Hitler has died at the tragically young age of 56. Whatever one’s politics, he was a true political great.

Oh, he did.

So we’re half way through and he’s already gone Godwin and misunderstood what it is that made Hitler and Stalin unpopular.

Murder DK, that’s why they’re not popular. Whatever one’s politics Stalin and Hitler still killed fucking millions of people. Foot… wrote and spoke well?

DK goes on to approvingly quote the The Nameless Libertarian.

Foot was a man of deep principle and passionate idealism.

Of course, what Foot believed in was abject nonsense. It was the sort of cliched left-wing bilge that should be abandoned once someone moves beyond the naive surroundings of student union politics. His ideas were soundly – and rightly – rejected by the British people in 1983.

The Nameless Libertarian calls Foot wrong but does so respectfully. But even here both DK and he are wrong. In 1983 8,456,934 people voted for “the longest suicide note in history”, hardly soundly rejected.

DK’s not being vindictive, oh no. It is DK’s commitment to ideas, values and politic that are the only reason he’ll be dancing on this dead man’s grave.

Michael Foot was not only a stupid man, but an evil one too.

The only analogue for the left in Britain is Margaret Thatcher. But when people write posts like DK’s after she pops her clogs it won’t be because she was a monetarist, it will be because she helped ruin their father’s, uncle’s and friend’s lives.

To DK praising a socialist is tantamount to praising the architect of the Final Solution, the Cultural Revolution or the dissolution of the Kulaks as a class.

By this logic even George Orwell or Albert Einstein are worthy or abrogation.

When you hate Einstein and Orwell and agree with Richard Littlejohn something might be wrong with your world view, re-evaluate DK or get used to the fact that you will never change the world in anyway you want.

UPDATE: More stuff insulting DK here.


Oh dear, Jesus no!

Following Phil’s post on Homeopathy’s Surprising Allies I tweeted at Jeremy Ccorbyn asking why he had supported an Early Day Motion defending homoeopathy.

The reply is not good.

@leftoutside I believe that homeo-meds works for some ppl and that it compliments ‘convential’ meds. they both come from organic matter…

Jeremy Corbyn has one of the most admiral voting records in Parliament. I’ve studied the Parliamentary debates held on immigration from the mid-1990s through to the present day and he has been unremittingly outspoken in his defence of migrants.

But this has let him down, and badly.

Does anyone know the man personally or professionally and does anyone have anyway of setting up a meeting between Ben Goldacre and him to just have a chat?