New Musical Blogging Express

Everybody knows that the blogosphere can be a little cruel. Everybody also knows that the NME is rubbish, even if you still read it occasionally and aren’t proud of it.

Want to kill two birds with one stone?

Neil Robertson had the idea that we set up a website for political bloggers from all different parties to write about the music they like.

The result of this is that we all find fantastic new music, all get to know each other a little better and we smooth the edges of what can be needlessly partisan and sniping blogosphere.

A more full outlining from Neil’s pen will be cross posted here soon and we can get underway.

Pretty much any one in politics right of Pol Pot and left of Nick Griffin are welcome to join as we really want this to be none partisan.

Consider yourself tagged. Interested in doing a little moonlighting as a music journalist?

Obviously this list isn’t non-partisan because it is made up of people I’d be interested in reading who I read, so its got a slight red tinge to it.

Leave a message in the comments if you’re interested in contributing once we get something up and running. The more contributors we have the better this will be.

Oh and we need a good name, any suggestions?


12 thoughts on “New Musical Blogging Express

  1. Remember that I’m a 37 year old who relies on his younger intern friends to equip him with good music. For example, “Thou shalt always kill” by Dan Le Sac and Scroobius Pip best track of the lst year for me, with the immortal line

    “Thou shalt not read NME”

    but I was about 2 years late to that one.

    Otherwise as you know I reckon Green Wing by Trellis is the best album of the millenium so far. I bet I’m the only person who realises that.

  2. But on that subject: someone recommend me 10 hip hop tracks that will get me into it. I have a bad suspicion I’ve been missing out on something

    1. Neil is your man there. He’s remarkably ghetto for someone studying to be a teacher.

      I thought you were a bit of a classical music bod? You can do some outreach work with us indie kids and get us into Vivaldi and Shostakovich.

      1. Hey, I haven’t forgotten my indiekid roots, I just spiced them up with a helping of Biggie!

        Couldn’t possibly list 10 hip hop tracks for beginners just off the top of my head, but makes for pretty essential listening:

  3. This sounds very appealing, as long as by “new” music you mean “stuff I don’t know” rather than in the temporal sense. I’d be interested, though you may end up getting a crash course in Swedish death metal.

    1. Swedish Death Metal? I’ll have you know I only listen to Norwegian Black Metal so I think we’ll have a fight on our hands here!

      The more diverse and interesting the better, Neil and I and it seems everyone else would just like a nonpartisan place to talk about something pretty universal, like music.

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