CAMERON EXPOSED [/tabloidese]

(Via tomcallow who RT’d alexsmith1982 who RT’d tchee who RT’d gedrobinson but ultimately via aiannucci. Phew, but then citing your sources is important.)

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Latest: Well I just found out Patrick Swayze’s dead. How did I miss that? #BAFTALatest: Well I just found out Patrick Swayze’s dead. How did I miss that? #BAFTA

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  1. Jodie Kearns jodiekearns

    Peter Sarsgaard’s English accent in An Education is flawless.

  2. Lisa slummymummy1

    Clive Owen, I woudl have more babies if you asked me. In fact, thats not all I would do. Just saying. Is he on twitter?

  3. Leah Borromeo monstris

    Been reading @zoegriffin‘s BAFTA tweets. She writes like a brain-damaged goldfish. There are better uses for the oxygen she consumes.

  4. Thomas Byrne ByrneTofferings

    Back home now, anyone fancy a book on free market schools I just dug out for @carlraincoat ?

  5. Fabienne gift_of_the_fab

    @HouseofTwits I did say previously that the votes didn’t allow space for debate/commentary ;P (@simon1982 )

  6. Tom Callow tomcallow

    RT @AIannucci We didn’t win. The world will not hear my Nicholas Winterton joke. < damn!

  7. Greg Stekelman themanwhofell

    The little speeches prefacing the awards are so fucking shit: “Foreign films show us that money is the same in any language”.

  8. Gurpreet ggupta

    Cliven Owen – someone who belongs in Eastenders but accidentally made it to Hollywood #baftas

  9. Lisa slummymummy1

    Going to watch an Education. Someone remind me.

  10. HarpyMarx HarpyMarx

    A Prophet has just won best foreign film Bafta! Hurrah!!

  11. Owain Gardner Odbe34

    Hmm. methinks Clive Owen may have read this autocue too much! #baftas

  12. Alexander Walsh alexanderpwalsh

    @hannahnicklin I’m coming over, and I have a spoon. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow. But spoon.

  13. Kira kiramadeira

    oh shit, I’ve missed #pineappledancestudio AGAIN!

  14. Fabienne gift_of_the_fab

    It’s no more acceptable for a helpline to break confidentiality than it is to casually sweep aside serious allegations of workplace bullying

  15. Manda Scott/MC Scott hare_wood

    .@GregWHoward Just pointing out that benign socialism exists – and that the US isn’t close and never will be. #tcot #p2 #ocra #sgp #tlot

  16. Jon Macqueen mrjonmacqueen

    The Baftas is helping me add lots of titles to my HateFilm list.

  17. Lisa slummymummy1

    Last DM I sent was about an hour ago.

  18. Tom Callow tomcallow

    RT @alexsmith1982: RT @tchee: RT @gedrobinson I ruddy love @aiannucci David Cameron exposed <Top drawer! < ROTFLMAO!

  19. Lisa slummymummy1

    I have sent NO DM’s out. Don’t check DM’s from me, don’t click links.

  20. Greg Stekelman themanwhofell

    Precious is probably my favoute Jewish film of the year.

  21. Olathe Litonya Palestinebat

    Am convinced Jonathon Ross is wearing a corset.

  22. Andrew Gwynne Andrew_GwynneMP

    My latest blog posts: 1) End the Vulture Culture: / 2) How hung? Poll analysis (of course!):

  23. Pitsnpots Pitsnpots

    Pits n Pots Latest: A tale of two towns- Stoke and Leek

  24. Safe World Campaign safeworld4women

    RT @LilyMazahery: RT @AustinHeap: Re: Twitter attack: “Affected users are advised to change their passwords immediately”

  25. Lisa slummymummy1

    Luckily, whenyou have been a social worker, you don’t need to look for films that are gritty and realistic. Silly to.

  26. politicshomeuk politicshomeuk

    Front pages: Monday 22nd February 2010

  27. House Of Twits HouseofTwits

    RT @M_J_Murphy My MP Has A Mind Of His Own #parliamentarypop

  28. Lisa slummymummy1

    HAven’t seen Precious either. A bit depressing really. Mariah without make up worth a look.

  29. alexsmith1982 alexsmith1982

    @BevaniteEllie Not mine — I RT’d it! I’d say something a bit more North London. It IS pretty nang, see.

  30. Safe World Campaign safeworld4women

    .@Facebook – Please remove this page ‘Hitting Women’ from your site (Plz RT)

  31. Kira kiramadeira

    Precious was just so good #baftas

  32. Jonathan Taylor Jon2aylor

    I tell you what, I wish the FT would email me whole articles instead of just links. Is that possible? Do any papers email whole articles?

  33. Lucia vivatinsurgo

    Tonight’s Being Human was bloody (literally) good!!


3 thoughts on “CAMERON EXPOSED [/tabloidese]

  1. Very good indeed!

    Remember that for floating voters like me, Blair was sheer catnip. You think this exposes him as ‘just like that phony Blair’. Well, that phony won elections

  2. “Remember that for floating voters like me, Blair was sheer catnip. You think this exposes him as ‘just like that phony Blair’. Well, that phony won elections.”

    Yes. Depressing, isn’t it?

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