Coco Pop damage you can see

Courtesy of Deptford Draylon from Flickr

As I travel home from work I am exposed to a great deal of  advertising. It has got almost to the point that I don’t notice most of it.

Advert on side of van, billboard on roundabout, sign on side of road by junction, overhead on train just above the luggage rack, sign reinforcing my work’s “brand identity” just outside the door.

I don’t notice it, it doesn’t really bother me until I see something that reminds me advertisement is largely manipulation. Adults are grown up enough to be left to it themselves (Yes Compass, you, shut up) but when adverts are aimed at kids it does a little stick in my throat.

So I was quite happy to see the advert opposite advertising “Coco Pops after school” disappear this week.

It was a pretty straightforward example of Capital seeking a new market – a forth meal in the day no less! – and sinking to new lows in doing so.

But I get no respite.

Rather than a nice normal advert with something I’m desensitised to like tits or Alan Titchmarsh I get egregious propaganda from the Government telling women “Drinking does more damage than you see.”

Apparently that second glass of Pinot Noir is going to kill me. Fuck Off and bring back that greedy monkey. See their video below.                                                                                                      Invisible Damage