The latest in internet fashion…

Well well well, it appears that I have no attracted that most sought after internet accessory: The weird paedophile obsessed stalker.

Daniel Hoffman-Gill and Douglas Clark have long suffered with an odd chap that follows them around making slanderous comments, and it appear that he/she disliked me pointing out that it was rather bad form. So…

First here he/she said:

I am another big mouthed cunt who like to gob off on the interent but cries like a little girl when I get the attention I asked for.

Then here he/she said:

I am a convicted paedophile along with my rape loving buddies ******** and ********.

Bottom line is I have a big fucking mouth just like my rape buddies ******** and ******** and I reap what I sow.

I cry like a little bitch now, and it’s quite strange because I gobbed off like a tough guy before to get this attention.

I need help not only to get over my disgraceful sexual attraction to children, but to learn that I am not a hard man and the internet is not the best place to put my name to abuse and especially abuse that I dole out when it is none of my goddamn fucking business in the first fucking place.

In short I am a gobshite cunt.

Oooooh scary. But then I am blogging anonymously so I can afford so say that.

This is what I’ve found out from their IP address. Which makes me think they are rerouteing their real location through a proxy.

“Gobshite” sounds very British, but “bitch” and “buddy” seems a bit American, hmmm…

IP Address Location
IP Address
City Woodstock
State or Region Illinois
Country United States
ISP Fdcservers.Net.

7 thoughts on “The latest in internet fashion…

  1. Americans spell it ‘pedophile.’ What you’ve got there is a proxy reroute or a British expat who’s very unhappy that the American dream he’s living is in the hellhole that is Illinois.

  2. Hi Left Outside, full info on the nutcase in question is available here in this blog post: its a chap called the Sentinel, a BNP type web racist with a serious obsessive compulsive disorder and odd modus operandi.
    Previous bloggers stalked include Duncan of Nation of Duncan and Phil at a VPS, among others.

    He is seriously mentally ill.

    I’d really appreciate it if the nasty comment he left is deleted, it contains some pretty offensive things and this vile criminal deserves as little Google juice as possible, Sunny/Unity will take care of his mental outbursts over at Lib Con.

    He is clearly getting desperate as his rantings have increased in vitriol and violence as he desperately tries to be a somebody.

    With regards to the IP, he is a coward and hides behind a web proxy as well an never using a real identity.

    Other identities used by The Sentinel include: Curious Freedom, Rubicon and just about every daft name under the sun.

  3. You will be deleted, as you are always deleted.

    It is pathetic, really it is, I wish you’d just man up and email me but you never do because you’re scared.

    I pity you, obsessed with me to such a degree. It really is bizarre and I’m glad I am not you.

  4. Left Outside,

    I’m pleased that you haven’t fallen for his tricks, but other people have. Newbies to Liberal Conspiracy who don’t know you, DHG or me are likely to assume that his comments under our names are our comments. Why wouldn’t they?

    If you click on ‘your’ link in ‘your’ post – which hasn’t been deleted yet – it takes you to my web site. Which is a further layer of deliberate confusion.

    We need some technical way of stopping this identity theft.

    douglas clark

    1. Hi Douglas, did you get my email about deleting the outstanding comments at your blog?

      Anywho, the comment system at Lib Con is wide open to abuse but luckily Sunny and Unity and others are aware and delete the mentalist, not much else can be done when faced with such serious mental health issues I’m afraid.

  5. But it’s not you fool, you are deluded to think that the ramblings of a mentally ill loon on the Internet hold the gravitas to actually effect a real humans life.

    You hold no power over me, you actually empower me through your pointless actions because in you I see what I will never be and never want to be.

    Thank goodness I’m not you, trying to smear an innocent man on the Internet for no reason other than they called you out on your bullshit.

    Keep it coming, the further you sink in vile actions that disgrace you the less impact your endless smears have, for what kind of coward takes such an action from behind the cloak of anonymity.

    No need to answer that.

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