Real Life

Real life is taking its toll on me at the moment. Sometimes news comes at you out of the blue and stops you in your tracks.

Sometimes you get some news that doesn’t surprise, but only because it was your worst nightmare that’s come true.

Well that’s happened to me.

So expect non-stop blogging if I decide I need to distract myself that way or a period of silence.

Comments and trackbacks are off. I’m not seeking your opinion or sympathy, just keeping you all up to date.

See here.


Stat Porn

Visits to my Home Page since April last year show a healthy and progressive increase. This is a nice metric for how successful a blog really is.

An interesting blog will get linked to and certain posts might become very popular – this is what Wikio works on. This particular metric records mostly those that come visiting directly or by typing “left outside” into google. Its a measure of how much people generally want to hear what you say.

Apparently I’m attracting people at a faster rate than I’m repelling, which is nice.

January was the second month I’ve hosted a post from Otimtom’s. His Don’t Talk to Frank began to reach a wider audience when it was linked to by The Staggers, the great blog from the New Statesman. 156 hits and link from the New Statesman is a lot better than my second post got in three days.

But below is the money shot. I’ve blogged every day in January and my frenetic activity comes across in the much larger audience I have reached this month with nearly 11,000 page views.

This month I have been linked to by more people than I can shake a stick at and that is in large part why I’ve had such a fantastic month. This big contributors where Devil’s Kitchen, Dan Hannan, Liberal Conspiracy, Graham Lineham on twitter and Hopi Sen. Cheers all.

But, especially Graham Lineham who made my post on #uksnow do this.

For a bit of fun below you can see the words I used in January. Sadly Haiti looms quite large, but the prominence of people and climate is quite heartening. They are the reasons this is called Left – for the people – Outside – for the environment.