I’ve just read James Dellingpole for the first time: He is clearly insane

Wow, I mean just wow.

I’ve recently been blogging on blogging  anonymously and one of my defences for doing so is that I was not one of those unpleasant people on the internet. I think I’m a fairly pleasant guy.

I do not use the internet to harass, bully or attack without provocation neither do I act like what is colloquially known round my way as “a prick” as I feel its not fair to do so from behind a veil of anonymity.

I assume James Dellingpole feels the same, of course rather than refrain from behaving reprehensibly, he just publishes under his own name and behaves abominably.

Yesterday I read Unity’s evisceration of Dellingpole’s recent behaviour which was brought to all of our attention by George Monbiot.

On Sunday Dellingpole published an e-mail which had been received from a Tory PPC from a constituent.

This appeared to be a normal cut and paste job which MPs and PPCs must receive in large numbers but which still represent their constituent’s concerns. Nothing controversial here, a little inconveniencing, but then they are/want to be our MPs.

This missive concerned climate change, something which should strike most as a subject which it is eminently sensible for future MPs to be quizzed on. However Dellingpole sees it as…

…an orchestrated campaign by a green pressure group to get sympathetic individuals in over 200 constituencies to send letters to their local Tory candidate testing him on his environmental correctness.

I called this “eco-bullying” and “stalking”, as I believe it is. Of course free individuals are perfectly entitled to write to their prospective parliamentary candidate on whatever subject they wish. I have no objection to that. What I do very much object to is concerted campaigns by pressure groups. Since my moles at Tory HQ tell me lots of very similar letters to the one I quoted were received by Tory candidates all over Britain, using similar phrasing, I don’t think this was an accident.

As I said, wow.

On Sunday, Dellingpole then went on to publish the e-mail that he had been passed including the senders name and home address.

This not only massively unprofessional, it is borderline criminal. It is also a huge encroachment on someone’s reasonably expected confidential correspondence. When he was called out by George Monbiot this is how he responded.

George Monbiot is cwoss. Weally, WEALLY cwoss. And I don’t blame him one bit. God it must be an awful thing when you’ve squandered half your career acting as cheerleader for a cause which, on closer examination, turns out to have been a complete load of cobblers…

Again, wow.

Dellingpole pulled the piece when it was obvious he and Edwin Northover – the PPC in question – would have some serious questions to answer.

In today’s post he “graciously” says that he is  “sincerely, totally and unreservedly sorry”.

In the same post, quoted above, he called the same man he was apologising to an eco-bully and stalker.

Once again, wow.

Perhaps he really is sorry. I’ll let you judge his level of contrition with a screengrab of the “tags” for the story.


(Hat Tipped to eagle eyed tweeter Tim Ireland)

12 thoughts on “I’ve just read James Dellingpole for the first time: He is clearly insane

  1. Thanks for alerting me to this dreadful story. The great scientist Delingpole against most of the scientific community . . .

    It is hard to know what to think of the brainless toffs that seem to be making an industry out of denialism

    1. Is there anything noble in speaking false to power?

      I don’t think so, but I’m just trying to think of Dellingpole’s next ridiculous angle for this story.

      We need to keep an eye on these people, we really do

    2. I’m a scientist & engineer. You libturds have what? Liberal Arts degrees?

      You all are just feeling irrelevant in a modern technological economy and have murdered god. Given your emptiness I can see why you reinvented religion in the form of global warming.

      But that does not make you look any less idiotic.

  2. I’m just stunned by the fact that a political hack has (we are to believe) literally never come across a cut and paste campaign email before. I mean, MPs get these *all the time*. I know, I’ve sent a few myself.

    I bet whoever on the PPC’s staff forwarded it to him is cringeing now. They probably just meant it as filler to illustrate that campaigns generally are afoot. Not that there was anything wrong about it!

    1. Hello Alix!

      I agree, it seems a little unlikely and a little too convenient.

      Dellingpole cannot be so unnervingly conspiracy theory minded he literally[1] sees them everywhere. Or perhaps he can.

      I think telegraph blogs have trackbacks so he should be along any minute to defend himself.

      The PPC is probably gutted, but then they say you can juedge a man by the company he keeps. Seems a little unfair sometimes, but right now…

      [1] Yes literally literally used correctly, for once.

  3. You poor fools. You actually believe the global warming scam and religion of the left!

    Do you know how much we are laughing at you?

    …and what kind of degree do you have to be preaching? English? Social studies? or the ever useful “ethnic studies”

    Try getting an engineering degree. Opps sorry …poor dirt stupid liberals aren’t smart enough!

    1. I’m not sure this needs a rebuttal. I’m not entirely sure this isn’t a satire…

      If anyone is passing through and feels impassioned by the above do let me know and I’ll let you know why you shouldn’t be.

      At the moment I’ve got work in the morning and I need a shower.

  4. Dellingpole studied English Literature while the scientists he constantly accuses of being idiots studied… Well.. Science. I’m not sure what this troll’s point is. Either the scientific consensus is right and climate change is a problem we need to try to fix or there is a massive conspiracy involving the section of society who really do like and deal with facts over fiction. I would love to know how that works.

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