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Often around the blogosphere and t’interwebs you will see the day’s Newspaper Front Pages inserted into posts and pages.

I always wondered exactly where they came from because they add that special authenticity and immediacy that makes blogging so worthwhile.

After a brief exchange with MacGuffin of Tabloid Watch he informed me that Sky News always host the day’s Front Pages. This is a great resource and one I’ll be taking advantage of.

But the papers are uploaded under a different url each day. This means there is no one page to bookmark for ease of use. That is why I’ve made this.

C’est très joli, non?

Like a tired old donkey its looks are unimportant because it is very useful. This asks google to search for “National Front Page” and then only display the last 24 hours of results.

Doing so know brings up some fluff further down, but pride of place at the top isa link to – I hope you’ll permit a ta-da! – The Front Pages for January 27th 2010.

I thought this might be useful for bloggers out there like me, who were in the dark until now.

What a proper paper looks like

PANIC! FURY! Someone is doing stuff. Probably Bad! This is what a shit paper looks like


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