Shooting Fish in a Barrel

I’m having something of a Speak You’re Branes moment as I foolishly went on the Daily Mail’s website. This is the second highest rated comment. Humanity is doomed. That is all.


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  1. In the US it’s not uncommon to see teams of workers in dayglo orange coveralls busy picking up litter on the freeways. They are temporary guests of the local Dept. of Corrections repaying their debt to society and getting a little exercise in the fresh air at the same time.

    What possible objection could there be to having British prisoners perform some such useful social function?

    1. If you’re unfamiliar with Speak Youre Branes I suggest you go and view the website. It really is funny. This post is in keeping with the general tone.

      I wasn’t picking up on the suggestion itself – although I disagree with it, as I think it makes reoffending on release more likely – I was picking up on the victim mentality that Daily Mail readers have.

      The obsessive belief that straight white men called John who live in Durham who drive Land Rovers have no rights, and prisoners have loads of rights.

      1. Why do you think it makes reoffending on release more likely?

        Getting out of the four walls for a bit for middling-light labour and seeing some snowy landscape seems a bit of a plus, and its rather like a bit of lighter-sentence community service.

        I don’t advocate prison work gangs in general, in fact the pitiful (indoor and outdoor) earnings of prisoners in the US and elsewhere being garnished to cover payments for their incarceration gets me very riled, as does forced hard labour, but groups of vetted volunteers helping with unusual events of dangerous conditions seems a good plan.
        OMG I’m agreeing with a Mail reader.

        1. I don’t like the idea of work gangs because I don’t want to further alienate prisoners.

          There is definitely a bigger role in penal policy for reintroducing prisoners to society and giving them a “partial release” before the fact so they can acclimatise.

          As part of this I might be won over to some sort of “work gang.” But that’s not what is being suggested here I would wager. What is being suggested is that prison be made even more miserable for those doing time, this would be counterproductive.

          I don’t think the awfulness of prisons is the defining factor of offending rates. Far more important are the chances of being caught, and having an effective rehabilitation process once you’re inside.

  2. At least the comment is in the Daily Mail. When Liddle takes over, it will be the leader at the Independent

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