Linky Love for the weekend

  • Dr Petra Boynton has the A-Z of sex in the noughties. A-G is here, H-O is here and P-Z is here. Highly recommended (H/T Jack of Kent)
  • Ewan Hoyle calls for drugs to be decriminalised, and one day legalised. (H/T Mark Reckons)
  • Political Scrapbook show us what a no-frills council looks like.
  • Next Left wonders if big government looks so clever in the winter.
  • Tim Worstall tries to workout how much booze is worth.
  • Paul Krugman explains either, why Governments sometimes need to be invasive, or why sometimes it is preferable for Governments to be invasive.
  • SWP Notes is just starting out and will host content about the latest developments inside the SWP, as well as discussion of its history and its international links.
  • Beau Bo D’Or treats us to one final Cameron poster, and in my view its the best. Visit his blog for an explanation if you are young, or deeply deeply uncultured in the ways of The Two Ronnies (click to enlarge).

…and now so something completely different.