Linky Love for 8th January

  • Matthew Yglesias (again!) has an interesting look whether Social Democracy really is bad for growth.
  • Bo Beau D’Or has some snapshots of Ross and Brand circa the Sachsgate affair.
  • Mark Thoma makes some sensible arguments on unemployment insurance
  • Chris Dillow thinks more firms should be run like Waitrose, and few like M&S.
  • Tim Worstall questions how much money Iceland actually does owe the UK and the Netherlands.
  • Anton Vowl treats to some SNOW PANIC.
  • Giles Wilkes has an absolutely essential post on “how big” the state is, although you may have seen edited on Liberal Conspiracy, I recommend the full version. It’s more balanced.
  • Crispian Jago says if Homeopathy works he’ll drink his own piss. Watch him illustrate below, or at his own blog.

2 thoughts on “Linky Love for 8th January

  1. LO, you are too kind.

    I still stand by pretty much everything I have said in that post, despite a lot of comments, and the hostility from the LSE . . .

    I think Worstall’s work on economics is pretty good right now, isn’t it? Glad I’m not a customer of his . . .

    1. Well your post matches my instincts on the size of the state. I may bookmark for the inevitable arguments I find myself in with libertarians.

      I’m far more concerned with the state and its monopoly on violence – i.e. follow these regulations or go to prison – than its role as redistributor – which I see as fundamentally just.

      Worstall is good quality control, I often feel he’d make a fortune as a proof reader. What is it he actually does?

      What I do enjoy is his stuff on Tax incidence which is something that is quite hard to pin down. You sort of assume tax gets paid where its paid, or I did, but nailing down who pays what appears to be a little like nailing jelly to a wall.

      I also like his relentless pro-growthism. Although I’ve seen Chris Dillow refer to a “hedonic treadmill” I’m more of the opinion that more growth is almost always a good thing.

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