Update: Orwell Prize

I’m fickle, so fickle. And I’ve changed my submissions for the Orwell Prize.

  1. The Limits of Democracy
  2. The Logic and Lunacy of Kim Jong-il
  3. High Heels, Low Politics
  4. One World Con: The Conservatives’ ideas on Development are Dangerous
  5. Migration is not a crime, but the way it’s discussed is criminal
  6. One of the most wrongheaded posts I have ever read
  7. Jan Moir first draft: The truth about my views on the tragic death of Stephen Gately
  8. Why Thomas Byrne is wrong on Fairtrade
  9. Slavery and the Periphery
  10. Does Socialism cause Racism?

Weep in fear Hadleigh, Paul and Phil! Weep!


2 thoughts on “Update: Orwell Prize

  1. Is this just some sort of trick to get us to read all your archives? Are you going to channge them again once we’ve been through this ten? =P

    1. Now now Hadleigh!

      I expect you to have already read all my archives, I’m shocked by the implication that you have not!

      No, I really am just fickle, and that “Racism & Socialism” one was written after my original submission, but was pretty good in my view.

      “Best” of luck though. May the best man in the UK win, if you know what I mean. How is Spain by the way?

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