1554: Eng 296-9
First ball: poked at, missed.
1555: Eng 296-9
Second ball: fended down, safe.
1555: Eng 296-9
Third ball: yorker, dug out.
1556: Eng 296-9
Fourth ball: yorker, dug out again. Off middle.
1557: Eng 296-9
Fifth ball: short, where’s the gloves? Appeal… no! Not out! It’ll come down to the final ball of the Test…
1558: Eng 296-9

Linky love 7th January

I had yesterday off work because of #uksnow so this Linky love is a little more involved than usual. I though that a bit of “Hoony Hate” or “Through with Hewitt” was apt start Linky Love.

Labour List has the reaction on Twitter. Hopi Sen is quietly disappointed. Jim Jepps asks who wants to be the shortest serving PM ever. Sunder on why the plot will fail. Sunny comes over all silly, but his #lolplots are well worth a look. The Tories have a go at being funny too, well done them. Eric Joyce MP thinks about the chickens who bailed on “Geoff and Pat.” Mr Eugenides perhaps sums up how the Libertarian wing of the blogosphere view this “Useless idiots call on hapless clown to resign.”

  • Duncun Stott shills for the Lib Dems with a snazzy little poster.
  • Brad DeLong takes us through his introductory lecture on Economic History.
  • Left Foot Forward think MPs’ Balanced Migration group will “stoke up anti-immigrant sentiment.”
  • The Guardian laments the inevitable Climate Change wingnuttery that a little snow brings out.
  • Splinty gives us a view of politics as it should not be done. An abstract:

Labour Cllr. Frank McBrearty Jr said that Donegal Mayor, Fianna Fáil Cllr. Brendan Byrne, has broken the trust in the council chamber by allowing a quorum of 10 Fianna Fáil councillors to adopt the 2010 budget while the remaining 19 were in a meeting down the hall.

  • Professor Nutt, who was recently sacked by Alan Johnson for expressing a view essential identical to that of my mother on drugs, is setting up an Independent Council on Drug Harm, and would like your support.

MPs’ Balanced Migration group will “stoke up anti-immigrant sentiment”

Update: Orwell Prize

I’m fickle, so fickle. And I’ve changed my submissions for the Orwell Prize.

  1. The Limits of Democracy
  2. The Logic and Lunacy of Kim Jong-il
  3. High Heels, Low Politics
  4. One World Con: The Conservatives’ ideas on Development are Dangerous
  5. Migration is not a crime, but the way it’s discussed is criminal
  6. One of the most wrongheaded posts I have ever read
  7. Jan Moir first draft: The truth about my views on the tragic death of Stephen Gately
  8. Why Thomas Byrne is wrong on Fairtrade
  9. Slavery and the Periphery
  10. Does Socialism cause Racism?

Weep in fear Hadleigh, Paul and Phil! Weep!