Linky love 6th January

  • Paul Sagar has an excellent post if you are interested in Adam Smith… and a really excellent post if you are really interested in Adam Smith here.
  • What happens when Terrorist collide head on with Paedophiles? Only The Third Estate have the answer, in something sure to be all over the news today.
  • As Orwell fever sweeps the blogosphere, Hadleigh Roberts publishes his 10 best of 2009.
  • Matthew Yglesias makes some convincing arguments about economies which become dependent on finance, and the waste that ensues.
  • Carl Packman has an article on assisted suicide.
  • Chris Dillow discusses the Tories and class.
  • Obama makes his first – and possible the first – transgender appointee.
  • Now this final one must mean I’m showing my (lack of) age, but I find it hard to believe that people really thought the Sovet economy was going to overtake America’s by 1980. Tyler Cowen has more.

UPDATE: WOAH, late and important entry courtesy of Asquith tweeting. Slovak Air Security Test Goes Very Wrong, Really Really Wrong.