Carswell… thinkspoorly

Global warming snow hits Essex

I had to push / dig the car out of the snow the other night. Not much evidence of global warming in Essex this week.

Just because you’re rightwing, it doesn’t follow that you have to be totally scientifically illiterate.

In fact, Karl Popper seemed pretty scientifically literate and no lefty he.

So why do we have to put up with such an infantile discussion on climate change?

Well maybe Carswell thinks he’s being funny.

Below is a joke, notice how the below made you laugh, and the above did not. That is how you can tell it is not a joke.

Infantile is the word for it and mockery is the only answer.


8 thoughts on “Carswell… thinkspoorly

  1. Is violence an appropriate response to idiots who cannot distinguish between ‘climate’ and ‘weather’.

    The fact that people who say things similar to this is that they actually think they’re the clever ones, seeing the truth that all those useless scientists must have missed.

    1. He must know that weather isn’t climate. It’s been brought up by almost the first commenter on his blog.

      He absolutely must know its a facetious argument, and as illustrated above, its not funny (That is possibly one the my favourite comedy sketches of all time).

      This means that he is fair game, he is playing dirty with snide campaigns and (barely) half-truths. So if he gets annoyed with people calling him a moron, or annoyed that people don’t get his “joke” than screw him.

    1. Given that he seems quite proud of his conversion to climate change denail, I don’t think this is an off the cuff or sarcastic remark.

      This is the very epitome of why sensible debate with climate change sceptics is almost impossible. It. Makes. No. Sense as an argument.

      If this is a subject which he takes as seriously as it implies he does in that interview, then why make an utter fool of himself?

      (Anyway, its not Mr Bean, its Atkinson’s standup and it a modern classic! “Adulterers, line up in front of the small guillotine…”)

      1. What interview? I think you just linked to a one-line comment in a blog that appeared to be more about frustration in dealing with snow than about global warming. Plenty of people on every side of the debate will make off-hand comments about global warming whenever it’s snowing or the weather is cold and miserable.

          1. Its a massive interview linked to above, thank you Quinn!

            If you’ve had an intellectual conversion to an unpopular cause, you can

            a) act the same as everyone discrediting your movement by confusing the most basic points of science or

            b) not post snide comments which only appeal to people with absolutely no understanding of the science.

            The UK covers less than 0.5% of the world so a few days of snow towards the end of one of, if not the, warmest decade on record shouldn’t even cross your mind with relation to climate change if you know anything about it (As Carswell claims he does).

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