Submissions for The Orwell Prize for Blogging

These are my submissions for The Orwell Prize. I will win, you probably shouldn’t even bother entering. If you do… don’t say I didn’t warn you.

  1. The Limits of Democracy
  2. The Logic and Lunacy of Kim Jong-il
  3. High Heels, Low Politics
  4. One World Con: The Conservatives’ ideas on Development are Dangerous
  5. Migration is not a crime, but the way it’s discussed is criminal
  6. One of the most wrongheaded posts I have ever read
  7. Jan Moir first draft: The truth about my views on the tragic death of Stephen Gately
  8. An Open Letter to Libertarians and Socialists
  9. Why Thomas Byrne is wrong on Fairtrade
  10. Lawsuits from the ’20s/Jackboots from the ’30s

I declare that all this work, submitted for consideration for the Orwell Prize for Blogs 2010, is wholly or substantially my own, and does not contain any plagiarised or unacknowledged material.


3 thoughts on “Submissions for The Orwell Prize for Blogging

    1. Pah! Pah, I say!

      I’m actually thinking of changing the posts I submitted, so I can’t say I’m that confident. Best of Luck Paul (You’ll need it!!!)

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