That’s it for now

I hope you all enjoyed Christmas. I doubt I’ll be blogging again until the New Year. Its been a blast blogging in 2009 and I hope things will only get better in 2010.

I would like to say a big Thank You to Paul and Dave at Though Cowards Flinch, Phil the Very Public Sociologist, Anton Vowl of the enemies of reason, MacGuffin of Tabloid Watch, Sunny and everyone who’s written at Liberal Conspiracy this year, everyone who blogs at The Third Estate, Claude of Hagley Road to Ladywood, Angry Mob, Unity of the Ministry of Truth, Chris Dillow, Jamie Sport of the Daily Quail, Giles Wilkes the Free Thinking Economist, Duncan with the economics blog, the ever readable Tim Worstall, Eric the Fish, the entertaining and insightful Mr Eugenides, Five Chinese CrackersPaul Sagar of Bad Conscience, Paul Krugman, Ben Goldacre of Bad Science, Will Straw and all at Left Foot Forward, Carl Packman of Raincoat Optimism, Thomas Byrne of “best named right wing blog 2009” ByrneTofferings, the Heresiarch of Heresy Corner and the much missed John Q Publican.

You are the boggers who inspired me to start blogging, or who I discovered through my first 8 months and helped me keep going. Thank you all and I wish you all the best of health and success through 2010.

A Happy New Year to you and all the blogosphere!


2 thoughts on “That’s it for now

    1. My plan is of course to leave twitter just before everyone else does. And if I don’t, to claim I did.

      I’ll be back blogging bigger* and better** in 2010, but I expect to be on twitter right about now, and whenever else I need instant web based gratification.

      * Not actual guarantee
      ** Not actual guarantee

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