Say hello to a new Left Outsider

I have been blogging since April and I have always tried to get my friends involved too. I have convinced one of them to join as a part time contributor to this blog.

As far as pseudonyms go he could have done a lot worse than “Otimtom”; Left Outside is one particularly dreadful possibility that springs to mind (yes; its the queer voice of Madison Student Radio, no; I didn’t know that in April, but I knew it in May. When I think about it, Unity isn’t such a great name either). Anyway, in his own words:

I am a graduate victim of the “current economic climate” having skipped between tedious labouring, waiting jobs and spells of unemployment.

I channel my disillusion, and sometimes disgust with the structure and state of the world in a positive way. Consider me a hopeful optimist with the genuine belief that there lies an – often all to deeply rooted – inherent good in the human race. I like to reflect on progression, development and hope where others may have lost faith in the things that matter: creativity and the dynamic human spirit that refuses to submit.

I find huge levels of inspiration in seeing people triumph over adversity and from seeing a smile on a face where others could only fashion tears. I have a different background but retain the same ideals and goals you would associate with Left Outside.

We will soon be running a post on micro-finance and hopefully many more after. So say hello, he’s sure to become a regular fixture.


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